Coronavirus Alert App is the Bolivian Government's official information and education digital platform for mobile devices and computers to inform your network you are diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus Alert App helps local authorities to:

  • Slowing down the spread of the virus
  • Providing relief for hospital emergency centers
  • Allowing the cities to have a platform to educate the population
  • Engaging public/private partnerships & individuals.

What it does

  • Alerts: inform your network you are tested positive by your socials channels
  • Risk Checker: track where you were and who you met, provide you a risk score based on your Google maps timeline
  • Symptoms Checker & connection with hospitals
  • Trends Tracker: live dashboard for local authorities (tracking and predictions)
  • News & Edu: focus on education and prevention
  • Public Announcements Channel: a direct communication channel between authorities and citizens

How we built it

The app will be in React-native for IOs and Android, with a Firebase database. The website and the admin portal for the government are in React. The news management is supported by Wordpress The risk checker runs on NodeJS and storing data on Postgres

Challenges we ran into

Apple Store and the Play Store denied out application because they accept only official sources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got in touch with the Bolivian government and the app will be published soon as the official app of the country on the Apple and Play store.

What we learned

A lot of people are willingly to help, we have a big team of volunteers. Google doesn't expose the API for the GPS timeline, we are able to get it!

What's next for Coronavirus Alert

We’ll have an official communication channel between hospitals and citizens. - Pre-screening will allow decreasing the charge of the facilities - A national alert and health education system. Our long-term vision points to building a large-scale analytic platform based on the behavior we are observing during this event.



node.js, postgresql, puppeteer, react, react-native

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