I found a lot of posts in facebook of people willing to help, also pasting notes inside elevators or doors inside residential buildings, I see in this crisis that people want to help but they are not able to find the people that are in need.

What it does

People that are in need can post their location and a short description of what they need, they might need a small thing like a pound of rice or some toilet paper, maybe medicine like aspirin, they can post anonymously their request and they can write that they want the person helping to leave the items at the door if they are infected.

We can all help, I am sure we can share what we have and maybe save a life.

How I built it

Created using the serverless framework deployed all to AWS, as the database I used dynamoDB, for the front end no frameworks just plain html/css/js it is all behind a CDN to have fast responses.

Challenges I ran into

The app asks for geolocation permission to know where the user is located, some people won't want to give permission to the app, also since this app does not require registration one bad person might add a lot of markers to flood the app, not having a lot of spare money I am not able to utilize an email validation service or a proper domain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to check the location and show people nearby with a simple algorithm, also this projects costs almost nothing to run if it doesn't receive a lot of traffic, but if required it can scale to handle hundreds of requests per second.

What I learned

That people is willing to help others and that you can provide useful help with simple solutions.

What's next for Coronavirus Helper

There's a lot to do this is just the MVP of the project, for example the email validation, check if it is a good request or just someone wanting to have fun, improving the geolocation algorithm.

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