We took inspiration of many comics we can read on the phone. We found them on instagram or Webtoon. We also thought about the comics we read in the newspapers.

What it does

It makes people aware of some of the issues imposed by the pandemic.

How we built it

Each of us worked on a specific element of the projects, after having gathered our ideas in a mind map. We then used Photoshop for drawing the comic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We never tought that we could do so much in such a short amount of time. Even if we aren't professional, we all worked very hard to create something in which people can related to.

What we learned

First of all, we learned that everybody in the team has a specific talent. We can make the team benefit from these talents by giving each person a specific role where they can let their skills reach their maximum potentials. By doing this, we were able to make something that we can be proud of and we hope that this Project will help somehow.

What's next for Coroned Adventures - A comic

More stories to come; more details on the drawings (background, colours, etc.). Distribution on online platforms, newspaper


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