## Inspiration This pandemic has become a huge issue all around the world. With this, comes the issue of spreading misinformation. Watching people attain and believe false information through news networks, WhatsApp, and other types of media is what inspired my partner and me to create this app.

What it does This app, unlike others, will provide news and information from different sources, allowing readers to make their own judgment.

How I built it My partner and I built this app using Android Studio and flutter. We split the work and pieced it all back together at the end, creating this app.

Challenges I ran into We are both freshmen in high school and have very little coding experience as a whole, that being mostly in Python. This is my(Sumedha's) second time using Android studio and flutter to create an app. So, there were definitely challenges as to how to code certain widgets into place and how to make the app work as it should.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: One thing we are proud of is how the app can switch screens. We are also proud of how we were able to create the app in general.

What I learned: We were able to learn a lot about how to use flutter, how buttons and widgets work, and how to create a simple, yet efficient app.

What's next for Coroninfo: We are planning to expand CoronInfo so that a map exists, detailing and illustrating how much the virus has spread. We also want to make it so that CoronInfo can be more efficient at providing updates than it is now.

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android-studio, dart, flutter

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