We're facing some major problems concerning Peoples' Mental Health​ and Universal Health Coverage and mastering everyday Routines​ that are key resources for the functioning of our society, it is vital for us to keep them save! We feel a social responsibility to contribute to help #flattenthecurve. We want to make Health Care Monitoring throughout the current Corona pandemia and beyond easy, accessible and innovative. We envision shaping and enhancing the future of Primary Health Care with CORONITOR.​

What is special about CORONITOR?

We are enhancing primary healthcare by cutting bureaucracy through establishing a comprehensive easy access communication tool to connect citizens with health care providers and authorities. Additionally we are maximizing efficiency in tackling the crisis by minimizing infection risk as well as potentially improving future healthcare outcomes.​

What it does

CORONITOR Health Care is a Crisis Management (Web)-App that gives authorities an overview of people who are either currently in quarantine or developing symptoms. To keep trace of these persons, the Crisis Management (Web)-App CORONITOR Health Care got developed as a prototype.

How we built it

We built a first prototype using Google Cloud Platform (Firebase), by using their Backend Solution as Data Model as well as a Frontend (Web)-App including responsive design to fit all sizes of devices and to have early access to the platform. Long term we are looking into native apps as well, as it enhances the usability.

Challenges we ran into

Getting into contact with Health Care Providers Organisations & Health Authorities Data Protection for all Users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Inclusion and connection of individual ideas and features that have been floating around to generate more benefit for all users. Needs and evidence based development trinational, interprofessional approach Diversity & Inclusion for all users

What's next for coronitor - SelfCare with HealthCare

Ideally an agency and financial support to hack this app complete. We are also thinking of a native client integration for ios and android.

With the right briefing this can be done in 2–3 weeks with 3-5 coders hands on. We would be more than happy to provide vision and concept/project outlines as much as needed.

#versusvirus presentation

Detailed concept presentation

YouTube - pitch video - long version

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