CORONtine is created considering the risk that doctors and many officials at ground zero face while scanning patients for corona symptoms. Most of the times doctors are scanning patients by wearing only mask and no safety equipments. To minimize the risk faced by doctors , we have designed CORONtine to automate the task.

What it does

CORONtine automates the process of scanning the patients for corona symptoms. The machine will automatically direct the patient and on reaching a particular distance will start scanning him/her. If patient is found at risk , it generates the warning to quarantine him.

How we built it

CORONtine is based on combination of hardware tools which include UV sensor for detecting the location and software part that include machine learning to detect the patient.

Challenges we ran into

Building CORONtine was really a challenging task. One of the major challenge that we faced was to integrate hardware data with the python script. Other challenges include creating and improving the accuracy of the model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy that we have built this for a really noble cause. Overcoming all our challenges was a real accomplishment for us.

What we learned

Building something always help us in learning . With CORONtine we learned how to integrate hardware with the python script, working on ML model and improving its accuracy.

What's next for Corontine

Currently we have a basic prototype for CORONtine which we want to take to the live working situations.

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arduino, django, keras, opencv, tensorflow

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