Our Inspiration of this project Is Aceh ,one of the cities in Indonesia, where the spread of the covid19 virus is still small where they still consider the trivial to this virus and there is less information about Covid19 that they should know, likes a indications, hospitals become references, which areas they should not visit , the central point of the largest corona virus is infected, and the difficulty of getting complete information about covid19.

What it does

We make a idea to built an application and the project called Cotice, Cotice is an application that contains a complete information center about covid19, to facilitate access to the general public especially Aceh,Indonesia regarding Covid19 and also have the goal to make people more aware of covid19 especially to reach the very rapid spread of covid19 worldwide.

How we built it

We built it from an examples of cases that cause us to take on this problem are that there are a lot of news spreads about the contents of covid19 that are not known for the truth, which allows more and more people to be afraid of contracting this virus and than make it prototype of our project.

Challenges we ran into

We know that there are many applications that contain covid19 information but that information does not contain all the information needed by the public in one media or application. * For example, one of the media only contains the number of deaths of the day, or only a indication and etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of In our application, Cotice provides all the problems that Indonesian people experience, especially Aceh, Cotice provides complete information that contains about Covid19, not only the number of COVID19 infected but Cotice provides a complete information center that provides all their problems likes references hospital, the number of People under surveillance, patient under surveillance and suspect every region, the vulnerable point of covid19 to the society in order to reduce the spread of the corona virus so quickly and break the COVID19 chain quickly.

What we learned

We learn how to develop ideas that produce an applications with the right goals. And The most important things in building application is :

  1. Find the issues and get What’s the issue/topic.
  2. What’s the solution we will given/provide.
  3. How we built it the ideas.
  4. What are sample cases who get promote your idea.
  5. What accomplishment that we’re proud of our project.
  6. and the most important is who could potentially benefit from our project or our solution form the topic or idea.

What's next for COTICE (Covid19 Information Center)

We hope that Cotice could help you load all the information needed by our society And helpful our society with Cotice(covid19 information centre) and with our tagline Cotice - “reach out,the world back” That’s is out tagline for this project and also have a meaning too. Reach out, our “Reach Out” tagline hopes that covid19 will no longer be more widely affordable and takes many lives. The world back, and the tagline “ The World Back” we, and all people around the world hope that the COVID19 can chain will ended soon so we and all people can freely enjoyed the beauty of the world again, we are really missing the world that looks so fine again!

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