Promoting “Solidarity of Commitment” through a robust chatbot and live visuals.


CounterCorona was inspired by the worldwide initiative to practice social distancing measures and healthy habits to contain and eliminate COVID-19. We believe that each individual prevention effort is essential to the collective success of battling Coronavirus. We are asking everyone to join us in the “Solidarity of Commitment” Initiative set by the CDC Taskforce, and make their efforts count!

What it does

We aim to be the premier source of truth regarding Coronavirus prevention efforts across the nation. CounterCorona is a digital assistant linked through Facebook that administers an interactive survey to users on whether they have practiced the CDC’s Top 5 Containment Strategies that day. When a participant passes the survey, they have successfully “made their effort count” and are added to a national counter tracking prevention efforts across the country. The national counter is visually displayed as a heat map on our webpage. We also display the levels of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 across the nation, and we hope that through advocacy and action, the number of people who have joined the effort will outnumber the cases of Coronavirus.

What's next for CounterCorona: Make Your Effort Count

CounterCorona is looking to continue expanding its message of “Solidarity in Action” globally, to effectively eliminate COVID-19 around the world. We will also implement a 14-day challenge, in which participants can track their healthy habits with our digital assistant for two weeks, in accordance with the incubation period guidelines. Our sincere hope is to combine everyone’s individual efforts to provide a collective solution to address this virus as we continue on the road to recovery.

In the future, we hope to provide incentives for people to take the survey and participate in the social distancing measures. We would love to partner with any companies who are also passionate about furthering this cause.

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