Coronavirus is spreading exponentially across the world, Yet there is no serology test yet on the market. Various mathematical simulations of viral spread lead to dramatically different strategies of public health related action. Western countries have abandoned both testing and contact tracing (a least in mildly symptomatic cases) if disease


A number of apps/developments have been proposed and even developed to do crowd surveillance however all require going on a website. Now the UK and other western countries have entered lockdown. The chances of spread are restricted to

Transgressions of the rules Shopping or essential trips Critical sector workforce who remain working volunteers 200,000 volunteers have now been recruited to help deliver services for the NHS to vulnerable people. Key workers and volunteers now present the greatest risk for transmitting COVID-19 between themselves, NHS staff and the people they are helping/

What it does

We propose a surveillance + work instruction for visiting and undertaking to volunteer. potentially with a Facebook app/widget in the form of a Facebook messenger chatbot which also posts your status regarding volunteering and health on profile (like relationship status)

Depending on the ip address the service will be enabled only on available countries. It's also planning to provide open api for the organizations so that they can use it as their own service by adding own CSR oriented added values. As we know today many organizations are trying to link their services and products with the effort of fighting with COVID-19. There will be an increasing need to access to the army of volunteers. At certain level the tool will provide financial motivation supports from the customer organizations.

Status re volunteering Health status Where health status changes support to crowd contact trace Educational chatbot tool showing people how many risky interactions they have had so they can make

How I built it

Facebook app development environment, Java other platforms

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Volunteer-Covid-Surveillence

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