The Challenge

Covid-19 has brought a lot of suffering to people around the world. But this extraordinary situation has also sparked solidarity, creativity and awareness in many individuals and families.
 The challenge we tackled in this hackathon is:
 How to maintain these positive, newly embraced habits and values once the pandemic is over?

The Idea

To tell you how we tackled the challenge and how you can get involved, let us introduce you to Covi the Curious Cat:
Covi is a young cat, living in Zurich. Because Covi is very curious, she loves to stroll around the neighborhood and enters any opened door. This way, she visits many families spending their days locked at home.
In these special times, Covi witnesses behaviors she seldom saw before: grandmas skyping with their grandkids, neighbours helping each other out, full-time working parents spending much time with their kids.

We want to create a children's book with stories like these, that encourage us to maintain some newly embraced habits in the time after the crisis.

How to Make it Happen

To gather such stories, we reached out to the Hackathon community and their kids.
With the inputs received, we already put together three short stories and two talented illustrators added some magic.

Why this Matters

We believe that personal stories could encourage new generations to strive for bold solutions.

How to Get Involved

But to make the book "Covi the Curious Cat" come to life, we need more personal stories and some people willing to manage the further steps of the project such as a crowdfunding.
So kids, cats and adults, join the story!
If you want to share a story or become involved, please drop a line to:
Thanks <3

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