This pandemic has instilled fear and anxiety into the population since people are not aware the proximity of the nearest infected person is. We want to help reduce this fear in people and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by introducing an app that allows people to track infected areas, testing centers, and much more.

What it does

Prevent further spread of covid-19. The app allows people to see the closest infected person and the nearest testing center. People will be given a survey and check off if they have the coronavirus or not (Yes, No, Maybe). It will then redirect you to the map where there are corona patients near you with a tab for the nearest test center. It also provides people with information on how to stay safe and where to access the safety tools they may need to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

How I built it

We used the crowdbotics application to build our prototype mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we faced while creating the app was navigating through the software since we are unfamiliar with the programs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have made a design for our mobile app since our group is unfamiliar with coding and app/website design and developments.

What I learned

We have gained skills in mobile app design and development. These skills can allow us to make future applications or websites to help bring awareness to other problems.

What's next for CoviCheck

Hopefully we can make a full functioning mobile app that can be released to various app stores for the population to have data regarding the covid-19 virus at their finger tips.

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