The last few weeks have shown us how important it is to be #SMARTandAWARE – not just for the advancement and evolution of humans, but for our survival as well. Data is what makes us smart. Getting insights and telling stories from that data is what makes us aware. It’s crucial now that we get the right data so we tell the right stories at the right time.  This will help us make decisions based on insights and take quick action to protect ourselves, stop the spread and flatten the curve.

As The Awareness Company, we have planned a multi-pronged intervention that we believe will add value in the fight against COVID-19.

What it does

  1. Firstly we are launching a COVID-19 Public Awareness Dashboard that is available for the South African public to use and can be found at We are using our data, visualisation and decision support skills to transform publicly-available information into insights for public consumption. We will as best as possible keep this up to date and will require support as we get scale and usage from the public and as requirements and feedback on the value received come in. We want to bring the same advanced insights and awareness to other countries in the rest of Africa.
  2. We also want to use our already-operational technology called HYDRA to help organisations be more agile and make proactive data-driven decisions going forward. Hydra is rendered as a Software as a Service, is ready to go and can be deployed remotely. It also enables real-time tracking of your organisation’s operational people, should they still need to be active. Key outputs are to facilitate increased operational awareness in government with data and technology and to log information, real-time updates from field personnel, structure data, and automated reports.

How I built it

We leveraged off our existing HYDRA (based) technology and skills and used web based technology and our existing Microsoft Azure based deployment to add this public facing dashboard built and launched in 3 days.

Challenges I ran into

We require support to add and update data for continuous insights on Getting data in a consistent manner from public sector in an easy to digest form to allow quick updating of statics and analysis has been a challenge. We are also (as a startup) looking to assist government and disaster management teams, this requires high level partnerships which takes time to mobilise.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Currently being used by thousands of people daily.

What I learned

Being a startup and getting behind a global cause, we can mobilise quickly, be flexible and contribute extremely fast. This is in line our our WHY and purpose "To empower people, communities and organisations and to create positive impact in our country, our Africa and our Earth."

What's next for COVID-19 Awareness & Risk Management Platform

Holistically our four phases are as follows:

  1. Public Dashboard  A public awareness dashboard contextual per country (Launched - starting with South Africa) Allow interaction and interactivity with data Survey / Poll for public insight and sentiment Deep data analysis as further information becomes available Screening Tool
  2. Organisational Operations  Real-time data, available anywhere any time for faster decision making
    Aggregate data from multiple inputs and create a single and complete view of operations Monitor security threats and provide early warning
  3. Strategic Data-Driven Analysis  Visualise statistical information  Aggregate data from multiple inputs for strategic level decision-making Disaster management enablement (response, planning, rehabilitation)
  4. Technology Investigation Use of IoT within healthcare facilities
    Use AI and data analytics for deep analysis of COVID-19 information contextual to country/region etc.

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