COVID-19 has hit hard, on all of us. Healthcare workers are keeping their life on the line and helping patients. And researchers, scientists are working day and night looking for vaccinations and doing trials.

As Software Engineers/Data Analysts there is something we can contribute to society at this particular moment.

What it does

At this particular moment many countries use PDFs and other primitive methods to send updates of status of their country. And several websites offer pre-cooked graphs which they want you to see.

This project is about using dynamic data visualization where the user has the ability to create the graphs they want based on publicly available data. For example, if you want to compare the trend of new cases in China, Italy, Spain and United States between 10th March to 15th March, our solution is the only solution out there which can do this effectively.

How I built it

It takes publicly available data, uses Microsoft PowerBI embedded solution and using Azure to host the website.

Current challenges

Main challenge is making the connection with health authorities. While we have a superior solution, we are yet to find a way to present our solution to national health authorities.

What's next

Incorporate with WHO/EU/Health authrorities and look for other available data and create dynamic data visualization for those as well.

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