Welcome to COVID Debunked!

Built by: Audrea Huang, Gaby Inchoco, Christine Lam, Eugenia Zhang
A team of friends from Wellesley College for their HooHacks 2020 project

What is COVID Debunked?

With the rise of this novel coronavirus, many myths have arisen regarding ways to prevent or treat COVID-19 as well as how the virus gets transmitted. This project serves as an interactive guide to dispelling these myths and providing actual recommendations by the WHO and CDC to stay healthy during this time. While many sources exist to relay such information, important details are buried in text; thus, we aimed to organize the information in a more visually appealing format to encourage users to continue reading by progressing through the story despite the severity of what is presented.

How We Built It

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the front-end web framework after gathering information from reliable resources about the virus. Inspired by other artistic websites, we aimed to develop an easy-to-use interface with horizontal scrolling to heighten the storytelling aspect, designing custom graphics in Photoshop to cater to the our specific project.

Credit & Attribution

-Robby Leonardi's Interactive Resume for our visual inspiration
-LuminousDragonGames for the lava tiles

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