As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, more and more governments are imposing lockdowns on their citizens. As a result, me and my team tried there had on artificial intelligence we have tried to build a web-based application which detect covid-19.

Problem Faced

Main issue in this situation is lack of detecting resources. We have provided a simple dataset of x-rays to train the system.

About Project

Our website is a platform which can be used by any one of us from the society from a Civilian to a Medical expert. Just one must have to provide their x-ray of the lungs and the result will show the report instantly on Just 1 Click .  Which will help medical experts to detect and provide necessary treatment on time. You will have your reports in your hand within a second.

Technology Used

We have used Python, machine learning, to build the back end and html, CSS, JavaScript for the front end.

The challenges we have faced are mostly related to the modules in machine learning.

Today team AaKAR is proud that we have overcome every hurdle and completed the project.

What We Have Learned ?

This project is an extraordinary challenge we dealt with   , especially in the time of COVID 19 .  We believe that the most meaningful thing we learned is  “ TEAMWORK ” .

During working on this project we encountered with a lot of technical and non technical issues  and sometimes we fell off as well  But We Climbed and Shined  in UNITY by learning something new every time.

                                                       As They Say
       “Coming Together is a Beginning, Staying Together is Progress, and Working Together is Success”

Team AaKAR is working on adding Chatbot to our system, we are working on the latest update that can be done in the project.

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css3, flask, html5, javascript, machine-learning, opencv, os, php, python

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