Inspiration: With the pandemic, the situation escalates into unfathomable levels with the loss of a loved one, not knowing how to respond, what to do or what to think next.  The hope for this project is to offer an outlet to deal with the situation.

Problem: People are unable to gather and process loss of life or normalcy due to social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates during this pandemic.

Solution: Provide a resource to publicly memorialize a person lost during this global pandemic and provide resourceful guidance and positivity on adapting to everyday life during these uncertain times.

We learned: Behavioral theories for steps of grieving are non-linear, can go back and forth.  They are great guidance but not prescriptive methods.

Built on: The project is built with a flask app, connecting to an AWS postgress database and a S3 bucket with CSS3.

Challenges we faced was how to integrate the components together and collecting broad enough research in the short window of time.

Our research interviews showed us that people were feeling uncertain with anxiety and unable to gather made them feel a loss of freedom.  Those with people who have lost a loved had a more difficult time memorializing their loved ones.

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