It is a fact that the Covid-19 virus has caused alarm all over the world and for this reason I have thought of a system whose main aim is to protect humanity from this threat. The first step in the fight against this virus is  personal hygiene. Based on this I thought of a system which reminds, advises and monitors if people follow the correct hygiene rules or not. Firstly, the system utilizes a screen placed above a tap and shows the procedure for the correct washing of hands. Simultaneously speakers will play a chosen song by the user for the duration of the handwashing routine. The system will use an application to record frequency of handwashing and remind people, at regular intervals to repeat the process. Also the system includes an automatic antiseptic dispenser, which works with sensors, to provide the antiseptic solution without the need to touch the bottle. Again, the system will record how often this process was carried out and remind the user to repeat it throughout the day.

Following the strict rules and advice given by the government to reduce risk of contamination from the virus, I also thought of a system that works by being placed on the exterior main door of apartment buildings or houses. This system would automatically remind people to follow the procedures of wearing gloves, masks and to use antiseptic hand lotion. It would also send an alert to remind someone to send the required SMS 13033 message to state their reason for going out.

Such a system would help scientists to gather information concerning the virus and to track the movements and habits of inhabitants. This would provide accurate information on whether people follow the advice and recommendations given by the WHO health organization.

I am sorry ,I haven't  made it, because I'm participating for the first time and I didn't realize I had to build it in time


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appinvetor, arduino, bluetooth, motors, screen, sensor, servo

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