Covid 19- Suspect Finder

Now a days whole world is suffering from pandemic disease called Coronavirus. It is spreading day by day very rapidly and that's why government of every country from the world getting trouble to find the suspects. So this problem inspired me to generate a prototype of Covid 19 Suspect Finder

The user form will pop up on your screen when you will use any social networking sites or any entertainment site and it will be mandatory to fill this form or else you wont be able to use any of the above mentioned sites

I made this prototype by using VBA excell macro in which i made an user form which will pop up on the screen of your laptops, phones, tablets, PC etc. The mandatory data submission has to be done by each person and that data will monitor and will save at the government or medical personal who is in-charge of this situation. By this prototype government can monitor the data with respect the symptoms occurred in the citizens.

The main challenge to make this thinking successful is to change the personal thinking and to insist the people to fill that form which is helpful for them. We have to educate the people to develop the knowledge for the importance of help to the government by supporting their's ideas and solutions.

i have finished the working prototype and which can be easily develop withe the help of app developer to implement in daily habits. I am proud of myself for the solution to help the government.

I have learned the solution finding strategy and development strategy to solve the problem and to help the government to protect their citizen.

Covid 19 has the bright future. Every country will require this system to monitor the data of every citizen similarly it will be develop into application by which the feasibility will increase and mistakes will get reduced. Similarly in Future this developed app will help the country to monitor for any type disease or any problem.



excel, macro, vba

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