We heard about the hackathon and instantly knew what we wanted to work on. For a lot of students like us, the coronavirus can seem a bit obscure especially when there's sometimes a lot of hysteria going around.

What it does

What we came up with is a web application that details out what Covid-19 is and 10 different ways it affects people and societies. For each 'way' we wrote a short essay citing our sources from online publications (for this we also collaborated with friends and acquaintances by making an Instagram call-to-action story). Additionally, we also created a page called 'Real People's Stories' where people can easily post a story accounting their experiences as a result of the pandemic virus (after being authenticated, of course).

How we built it

Covid-19 vs The World is a single-page application built using Angular and usual web frameworks like HTML and CSS. To serve the application, we also set up a MongoDB Stitch application and a backing MongoDB Atlas database. These three allowed us to create a truly serverless web application that is cable of user authentication and dynamic data injection.

Challenges we ran into

We're both new to Angular but not web development so reshaping the way we approached developing the application was quite challenging in the first couple days. Also, we wanted to make our short essays as credible as possible but we're computer science majors and not super skilled in writing so finding sources and articulating that information was tough for the both of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super proud that we were simply able to put out such a robust application within a few days. It really goes to show that we can do anything as long as our heart is in it.

What we learned

The main thing we learnt was how to use dynamic components in Angular. This was the hardest thing for us to do and the learning curve was quite steep. This project also taught us about when and how to make sacrifices in development depending on your time/requirements constraints.

What's next for Covid-19 vs The World

We're going to try and keep the web app as up to date as possible because we understand that situations with Covid-19 are rapidly developing. We would also like to feature more Medium articles as well considering they have a dedicated 'coronavirus blog'.

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angular.js, google-app-engine, mongodb-atlas, mongodb-stitch

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