Mapping existing and forecasted health system capacity gaps (beds, staffing, ventilators, supplies) to care for surging numbers of COVID19 patients (especially ICU-level care) at high spatiotemporal resolution (by facility, daily, all USA to start).


This project aims to understand, anticipate, and act to support and ramp up our health systems' capacity (beds, staffing, ventilators, supplies) to effectively care for a rapidly growing number of active COVID19 patients in need of hospitalization and intensive (ICU) care.

We do open-source data collection, geospatial analysis, visualizations, and scenario-planning tools aimed at informing resource planning and deployment decisionmaking to support our healthcare providers at local, county, & state scale when and where the needs are greatest. USA-centric at the moment but tools and knowhow are intended to be applicable globally.

Let's #FlattenTheCurve and raise our capacity to care for COVID19 patients (and everyone else who needs medical care!) here and now.

High level project goals:

A. Publish a public dataset that describes the US healthcare system capacity in high spatiotemporal detail.

B. Perform an analysis of the healthcare system capacity as compared to disease spread forecasts and publish data about where, when, and how large capacity gaps are anticipated to be.

C. Visualize the result of the analysis as well as the disease forecast and healthcare system capacity data in a format that supports healthcare system preparedness and resourcing decisions.

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juypter, leaflet.js, mapbox, python, react

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