COVID Control was inspired by the front liners dedication in fighting the pandemic. A doctor from Argao, Cebu, Philippines reached out to us and told us about the current manual method in monitoring and tracking potential COVID-19 patients. The current method was printing PDF forms, filling them out, scanning and then emailing it to the higher ups. She shared the hassle of the current system and told us that she alone monitors hundreds of patients everyday.

As a citizen, we need to help our front liners as best we can. There is not much we can do from the safety of our own homes, but we thought that maybe we can use our skill in software development to do something about it.

What it does

COVID Control is meant to be used by the health workers who are currently monitoring potential COVID-19 patients (those with the symptoms of Influenza-Like-Illnesses or ILI and Severe Acute Respiratory Infection or SARI). Currently, they have pre-printed tables where they fill up information about each new potential patient and monitor their temperature and whether they have symptoms like cough, itchy throat, etc twice every single day. COVID Control makes that all paperless.

COVID Control's features include: (1) Login System, (2) Patient Information, (3) Check-Up, (4) Person in Contact, (5) Places Visited, (6) Google Maps Integration.

An administrator will be assigned per location. This promotes security and reliability of the data encoded since only one account can sign up accounts for health workers in different locations. The health worker can only add, edit, delete and view patients within his/her location. It can also collate the data and sends a report by email to the necessary recipients.

The data can be viewed through a list or through markers in Google Maps. By integrating the data with Google Maps, it is easier for the health workers and government officials to visualize the current state of the different locations.

How we built it

The app was coded using Flutter, in the Dart programming language. The REST API web server is powered by Node.js, and the database is powered by MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

The app was developed within a week by two developers. There may be many bugs that we haven't noticed during development stage. We also might encounter server overload issues when the number of users increases. It is also only limited to android devices, since we do not have the resources to build the app for iOS devices. As of now and we are still applying for Google Play Store listing for easier distribution. We might soon offer it for iOS devices.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that with a limited amount of time and with only 2 developers, we were able to come up with a functioning system which is currently slowly being used by people.

What's next for COVID Control

We are planning to put COVID Control on web so that a lot of health workers and officials can access it efficiently without the need to download the application. We also plan want to increase the security since sensitive information will be handled by the application.



flutter, node.js

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