As news regarding COVID-19 and Coronavirus increases, there becomes a greater sense of apathy as people focus less and less on the news. Because of this, the risk of people not being up to date with the latest news grows more and more prominent. To address this, I felt that there needed to be a way to condense the news showed in the media.

What it does

This application displays a map of all the countries in the world. Upon clicking the country, a user could obtain simplified data about that country (as opposed to other platforms, which complicates the data displayed). Furthermore, news articles are displayed for every country selected. These news articles are selected by choosing the top headlines from each country. With this data, the user is provided a snapshot of just the relevant information.

How I built it

This web application has two aspects: Front-End and the Back-End. I first built the backend API, utilizing Python and Flask, integrating the newsapi and Twitter API. Once I built this, I developed the Front-End using React.js framework.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges I ran into was integrating the NewsAPI. This was because passing in an incorrect country name led to errors in the API, however I needed to standardize the country name between the map, data being web scraped, and the newsapi.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was proud to have created the whole project on my own. My weak point has always been developing the Front-End, so working on that on my own gave me the opportunity to learn a lot.

What's next for Covid Daily

Ideally, the web application could compare current data with data from the previous days. One idea could be to create charts for each country, measuring statistics of each country day by day.

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beautiful-soup, flask, javascript, newsapi, python, react, webscrape

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