Inspiration  -

Covid-19 !! Took stand to help society from such virus

What it does -

Covid defender is the project , in which it will detect whether the person is wearing mask or not , and than second condition will be of checking the body temperature . And on the basis of that system will take actions and directly report to the team regarding the status of the user. If the temperature of the person will be above the limit than it will beep an alarm and warn user as well as the doctors team. And will update them with the face of that person whose temperature was high and mask was not weared.

How I built it -

I had trained a machine learning model on the faces with the mask , and made the model learn how the person with mask and without mask looks like. It is having 99% accuracy in detecting mask on the face. Yes only on the face , not in the hands. Than i had integrated the body temperature sensor with the code , which will give the temperature of the person using the API and on the basis of it the software will work.

Challenges I ran into -

Detecting the mask color , and the sound issues . As if the temperature will be normal and mask will not found . It will beep alarm and say that " Please wear the mask and your body temperature is normal" and vice versa

Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

I am proud that i made a system which is currently not made by someone else , and more proud is about trying to help society from this covid-19.

What I learned -

Learned many new things in the field of computer vision and machine learning models.

What's next for Mask and body temperature detector -

I will pitch this project to the government , so it can help to defend such viruses in future from the society and its peoples.



machine-learning, opencv, python, tensorflow

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