In mid-March, I came across news that there are swans and dolphins coming back to the waters of Venice, elephants roaming freely in China and so on. All of them turned out to be fake or factually wrong. That led to the question of whether and how the crisis is impacting our world and how much is everything linked. COVID Explore started with the exploration of the impact over the environment and it is still the mainstay of the project.

What it does

It tries to identify sectors where the COVID-19 crisis is putting a direct or indirect impact and then tries to assess the extent of those impacts. It will enable organizations and non-profits to identify sectors that need work and also rally the governments for pro-environment changes in policies.

How I built it

I built it with python and flask web framework. The visualizations in the project are mostly done with the Bokeh library. Acquired the pollution data by scraping and the data for cases and deaths are provided by the John Hopkins dataset.

Challenges I ran into

Gathering and properly presenting the vast amount of data in a single visualization is a tough task. Also, flask and python can't provide the flexibility and options of the beautiful visualizations available in ReactJS. Porting for mobile is another tough ask.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

COVID Explore is one of the very few apps that explores the long running impacts of the crisis, something that will be useful for our future.

What's next for COVID Explore

Exploring the economic and societal risks of different countries. Also assessing and analyzing the drop in pollutions in different countries.

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flask, python, selenium

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