COVID-19 is the major pandemic at this time and there are more than 1.2 million cases worldwide. The disease is spreading so fast that it has paralyzed the healthcare system and increased the burden on healthcare services in most of the countries. The idea was to reduce the burden and support healthcare by using advanced technology to transform the healthcare system and make things faster and easier to handle and at the same time ensure that the patient receives the care on time and as they need it.

What it does

We have built an AI chatbot that can be integrated to the BAG website and that can help to reduce the phone call traffic on the swiss helpline and help to identify and assess the risk of individuals for COVID-19. The bot can answer the frequently asked questions and identify people at risk based on answers received. The bot would help authorities to receive notifications on medium to high-risk individuals by sending them an SMS notification or create an incident into the CRM system, also contacting with and handing over the case to live paramedics to provide immediate assistance to those who need them.  This bot can further be integrated into social media pages like a Facebook page (FB is pending). This bot is available in English and can be released in other languages also.

How I built it

We have used bots builder to build and train the bot.

Challenges I ran into

We have encountered issues in getting the subsystems set up like Twilio, ServiceNow, Local swiss number Team members were not colocated and at different timezones

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working NLP rich bot in less than 48 hours. If this can be implemented, I will be proud to contribute my small bit to manage and support the healthcare providers in their effort to manage this pandemic situation

What I learned

Collaboration and enthusiam can do anything

What's next for Covid Helper

Bot can be enhanced for other languages like DE, FR, IT and EP Bot can be expanded for other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. More and more NPL training would give better customer satisfaction Risk calculation can be driven by Machine Learning Model Other tasks can be added to serve customer better as per Swiss healthcare requirements like to trace patient location and nearest healthcare center.

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heroku, javascript,, node.js, servicenow, twilio

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