In this application we make information about Covid-19 which includes news about the development of Covid-19 that is updated and reliable, data of patients infected with Covid-19, and there is a hospital reference that is notification or search about hospitals that deal with Covid-19, also there is a disinfectant map that contains notices of locations that have been given and those that have not been given disinfectants in the area contained in the map as well as those that will be given disinfectants and also updated information about locations that have been disinfected can also inform us if areas that have not been disinfected are not contained in map, as well as Covid-19 the symptoms that contain questions that predict if it is possible to be infected with covid-19 from symptoms experienced for several days by the user. Let's fight against the spread of covid-19 by avoiding crowds, washing hands and eating nutritious foods so that the covid-19 spread is not widespread. And let's just do all the activities at home, improve our body's immunity, and continue to pray, and continue to look for information on the development of covid-19 by using CovidHub with this we can help the medical to cope with the spread of Covid-19.

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java, xd

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