We are manufacturers, we are specialized in creation, manufacturing and innovation accessible to all.

We believe that simple, fast and accessible answers for everyone can, in the current situation, have a significant impact.

What it does

We bring our ideas and knowledge to address two problems:

  1. Reduce the risk of contamination by using a simple and free device to open the doors of shared areas (building lobby, office toilet, ...) with the foot (tutorial here:    ).

2.Reduce the risk of spreading the virus by using a free, printable mask at home for people who do not have a conventional mask and who are in absolute need of going out or to be in contact with members of their families (tutorial here:  )

working source : OFSP vidéo “Nouveau Coronavirus . auto-isolement” (   )

How we built it

Our approach is to be able to offer a quick, simple and inexpensive solution for as many people as possible.

We work with everyday and cheap objects.

We have identified problems and we have applied ourselves to solve them with the help of dozens of prototypes.

We work by trial and error, until we find the expected balance.

Then we worked on the clearest and simplest tutorial videos for mass distribution (video without comments adapted to international).

Challenges we ran into

It was very difficult to lay out our solutions in a clear and readable way on formats such as flyers.

We think that the diffusion of our project is the key but it is not easy to set up communication strategies for your projects.

Furthermore we believe that our projects do not meet EU standards and although we insist that these solutions are temporary and should not in any way replace professional material, we think that we should do more research on this subject.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have accomplished, all three of us, in such a short period of time, two complete and functional tutorials applicable today, very versatile and on a very large scale.

We are convinced that the impact can be immediate and visible.

What we learned

Working for a health emergency is difficult and our knowledge of EU and health standards is limited.

We have learned that we can work together and pool our talents and achieve great things without expecting anything in return.

What's next for First response Mask and preventing door contamination

lWe wish to disseminate these solutions as soon as possible to bring them to the people who could benefit from them (média, youtube, ...).

To deepen these topics and to make them safer and more affordable.

And why not find other solutions to other problems.

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