Many of the elderly people around me need help with things like getting their groceries done, but they don't know how to find volunteers. Many people are also living in fear due to the virus, so I wanted to build a platform to connect people with volunteers, or give people a chance to help the community.

What it does

Covid-Kit finds local people using the app and connects them with people in need of help or volunteers willing to help in a simple and easy way. It also provides statistics of global covid-19 cases along with news related to it.

How I built it

I built Covid-Kit using Google's Flutter toolkit / framework. my original plan was to use provider state management, but I had to cut it mid project due to the lack of time. Login Pages still use provider :)

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges I ran into while developing Covid-Kit. First were the issues blocking me from being able to submit the project.

Being a 15 year old student, I had a lack of time, so I couldn't optimize my code as I originally wanted.

  • I decided to finish the project even if it was rough.
  • I was also working as an individual so that didn't help

Then came the issues with the usability or the app. I had to consider many things, especially related to the elderly.

Many elders tend to have weaker eyesight

  • I used an average sized font.
  • Many elders may not be fluent with English I tried to limit my use of language, and tried expressing ideas with icons

Elders tend to be skeptical

  • I used facial detection to make sure users upload their faces for the profiles. Eyes are the windows to your soul, so I                   thought looking at who you maybe relying on might bring ease. I also added a list of some small randomized phrases to cheer up the user at the splash screen
  • How could I keep results relevant? I decided to limit the distance of the results up to 80 kms away from you. It was a hard decision, as there are many cases where 80 kms aren't enough, but it would be a lot easier to see only those who can help you rather than anyone at all. Maybe I can add a filter option later on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I found a way to help users feel at ease using the app, by doing a variety or things. From sending small, kind messages to making the app easier to use

What I learned

How to carefully consider possible inefficiencies with an app, which are not necessarily related to the code itself.

What's next for Covid-Kit

I plan on adding many features, including...

  • Translations for people not native to English.
  • A set of font sizes to help with readability
  • Improve code maintainability along with minor design flaws ; )
  • Add an option to view people outside the 80km limit
  • Possibly a feature to generate a random activity for when you are bored
  • A feature to warn you when you enter a place with many covid-19 cases
  • Notifications for when you are offered or requested help

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dart, firebase, flutter, json, newsapi

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