As COVID-19 has surfaced and we have come to know how deadly it is. To combat we know only best solution so far  is social distancing and break its chain. As government doing its best to handle it , and lock-down has come up as only viable solution to avoid its spread. We all from our daily life are suddenly finding ourselves locked at our homes and we need to survive this crucial period. As we all were never prepared for it from beginning or while this period we all may need few important items along with essential commodities at odd time like common medicines, milk for infant, a mobile charger, a matchbox. Few articles are no longer available due to lock-down. We are also avoiding going out. So we need a way if somehow we can get our crucial need without going to market and following government rules. Who better than our neighborhood. Our neighbor may have that article and can help us but we need a communication. We need a platform for a locality where we can request of our critical needs ,and someone from our neighborhood in a form of GOD can help us. We can survive this tough time united with all.

What it does

Covid lifeline is mobile application that will work as platform to link people of a  locality.An admin user usually someone from RWA/AOA will setup application. He will create a new group for his locality. On "Add Group"user can select his locality. This group name he can share with residents of that locality and they all will become member of application. After login to application , each user would be presented to a dashboard. He will have options to raise a request. He can share his need , priority of time. This request will become available to all users in "Open Requests". It will have requester contact number. Anyone can respond to it. We can leave a note.Once someone respond to it, application will inform requester. Requester can see contact number of person willing to help. A requester after fulfillment of his need can close request. He can also close if he no longer required that item. Admin user can always maintain requests. Admin user can mange users , make more admins. He will also have few reports like most requested article. It will help that association to prepare for future requests.

How I built it

We are using Angular with Ionic framework to build mobile application targeting android and I-phone devices. To locate user's location we are using google maps. We are storing data in JSON so we can extend it easily.

Challenges I ran into

We are doing from scratch. We are going ahead with motive a needy must able to raise his need without any restrictions. Time is biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We will be satisfied with objective of this application. A mother gets milk for baby at odd hour , a patient gets painkiller in need , a working person like me gets a laptop charger to sustain lock-down period, what else we need.

What I learned

Actual help is help done in crisis.

What's next for Covid Lifeline

We will extend it to handle this disaster with more advances features.

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angular.js, css3, firebase, google-maps, ionic, json, rest

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