What Inspired us

As a Pharmacist working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York city, have been witnessing shortage of many essential OTC medications, gloves, masks, thermometers etc. Upon further research, came to know that the shortage is not restricted to New York city alone, in fact across the country and not limited only to pharmacy related supplies. That's when decided to do something about it.

The idea is to fulfill the gap of information about the stock availability as supply chains are disrupted across the country, by giving the consumer and the retailer a powerful tool in the form of our website or app to update on product availability in real time.

Our Team

We are a team of four individuals (pharmacist, developer, data analyst, systems administrator) from completely different backgrounds that came up with a working solution to an immediate problem in a record number of days. Saying that, our real accomplishment lies ahead, if the website could offer solution to many people in these tough times.

We strongly believe, the toughest of the times brings the best of us in all. Technology combined with multiple disciplines is bringing the best of us all to overcome the current situation.

Tech Stack

Primarily a LNMP full stack with MySQL as database, PHP running on Nginx hosted in AWS. On the UI side, Java Script, CSS, Jquery and related plugins are used. PHP Mailer with AWS SMTP, Google Maps and Places APIs were also used.

Challenges Faced

We are unable to acquire inventory API's from retailers. If big retailers provide API keys (they stopped now), we can get the inventory and it would be more useful to the community.

We use google places and maps APIs. Looking for alternatives.

Looking for

We are very short on resources, provided enough resources we are planning to take it to the global level.

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