see the article on the covid pandemic 19 and how to help people find out more about the current health crisis. Focused on the theme of the hackathon 'education', an application to find out more about information related information from Covid 19, which can also see a list of people who are infected or not who are more detailed and more actual and accurate.

What it does

As a media to get information about covid-19 and table pandemi covid 19 about each province and district all over indonesia.

How we built it

Using ionic as a framework to create this application, and making observations in everu websites as  a reference in this application

Challenges we ran into

minus of information about Covid 19 in rural area.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Can help people to get information about Covid pandemic 19.

What we learned

designing an application that fixes with deremined standards

What's next for COVID NINETEEN

Make an application that would be accessed all over the world just by using this application and view information in each part of their country.

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android-studio, ionic, java, javascript

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