For victims tested positive for COVID-19, details such as contact tracing and location tracking is vital in knowing the high-risk areas of COVID cases due to the spread of this unique virus through droplets (as stated by the World Health Organisation). Hence, to prevent the recurrence of such events, quicker data retrieval will be a value-add to cutting down the spread of this COVID-19 because it will add precaution and immediate notice can be issued within a shorter time frame between confirmation of COVID test of suspected patient and uploading of location history in online apps like TraceTogether (SG).

What it does

My portal serves to organise and present the data such as personal particulars, family information and past travel history of each employee in a neat manner where an overview can be easily seen upon uploading and organising through basic algorithms. As mentioned above, a major selling point of using this portal would be reducing time lag between data retrieval and data submission to authorities. Maintenance will be mainly spearheaded by the creator, then followed by the employer.

How I built it

My portal mainly facilitates 2 main processes: One, uploading of manpower attendance for the day. Two, viewing the specific details of each respective staff. At the side, we also present data such as the company sales and profits to the employer to study the impact of this virus on their finances and to brainstorm ideas internally to mitigate this economic shock, which can train firms to be independent and less reliant on government actions to assist them through this period of crisis.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Rallying support from employers to be consistent in using this portal
  2. Security of data access to staff information
  3. Brainstorming on the probable case scenarios by staff

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Automated format of data presentation that is easy to view
  2. Systematic procedure to trace the necessary details of the individual, should he be tested positive for COVID-19
  3. Coordination of data retrieval for authorities

What I learned

  1. Organisational skills of key data
  2. Data management can reduce chaos and promote recovery in midst of this situation
  3. Technology is a fast, efficient linking bridge between producers and users

What's next for COVID-PORTAL

  1. Development of more automated details that are crucial to understanding a newly declared COVID-19 patient
  2. Keeping with the new symptoms and policies implemented by the home country
  3. Updating of Software to enhance features that can be uploaded automatically through individual's phone
  4. Liaising with to study the skills of data organisation
  5. Security enhancement features to the portal such that only the designated audiences are allowed access

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