Covid-Safe Shopping is a 2020 LA Hackathon contest project

Team members: @Rickyoung221, @terranzmczmx, @annyzy, @walterli97, @franklin

It helps people to recognize supermarkets that are in the severely infected blocks. It also gives recommendations based on infection and distance.

To run the project:

first run a simple http server

python3 -m http.server

then type the following address into your brower


enjoy ;)


Where is the nearest grocery store? Wait! Is that store Covid-Safe for shopping?

What it does

A meta search engine that provides 25 nearest grocery stores to users based on his expected location on a choropleth map about covid-19 confirmed cases in each city of Los Angeles.

How we built it

The initial idea came from our needs to store foods from a safe nearby supermarket. So we download daily infection data from LA health official website, city boundaries data from open source geography database.

Challenges we ran into

Having difficult merge Covid-19 confirmed cases into the location Geojason file.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The benefit of combining the location of grocery stores and coronaviruses confirmed cases density map is that users are given insight into the health protection while shopping instead of hurriedly running some errands. We believe that protecting ourselves is to protect others.

What's next

Adding the current active restartents locations into the map, which also provides health insights for users while they decide to order food online.

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css, html, javascript, python

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