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Two years before the Coronavirus pandemic, I was in quarantine for about a month due to a rare eye disease. I struggled both physically and mentally during this time, and so it meant the world to me whenever I received cards from friends and family. Through this experience, I was inspired to create Covid Support.

What it does

Through this website, anyone can anonymously write an encouraging note to a healthcare worker or coronavirus patient. Once enough notes come in, they will be printed and shipped to hospitals through donor support. Then, each note will be distributed to one medical worker or patient.

Why does it work?

According to a fifty year study conducted by Harvard University, human connection is the single most important component of happiness. That's why the concept of sending physical, individual notes is so powerful.

Currently, one in two health care workers are struggling with depression amid Covid-19 and many patients have to die alone due to the infectious nature of the virus. Hence, for health care workers and patients, receiving an encouraging, personal message can mean the world.

And beyond this, having a widespread campaign where people write to encourage those who are most in need helps strengthen our sense of community and empowers us to tackle this pandemic together.

How I built it

I edited and designed all the graphics on Canva, arranged them on Microsoft PowerPoint, added animations & audio and exported the video directly from PowerPoint.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use the resources I have (PowerPoint and Canva) to create a prototype and video!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simply being a part of this hackathon & submitting a project :)

What I learned

That I can fully plan & design a prototype in a few days!

What's next for Covid Support

Building the website, finding donors to fund the printing ($130 for 1000 notes) and shipping, & starting a social media campaign!

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