I built this opensource project when I saw how much Singapore, Israel and other countries benefited from apps such as TraceTogether. I wanted my own country, Romania, to make use of such an app, in hopes of beating the epidemic. I also opensourced it, hoping that developers from other countries can build the same app for their country.

Privacy concerns

The app is very noninvasive. Currently I am storing only the phone number, timestamp and location of meeting with the other person. However, I only added the timestamp and location as a preview feature for the hackathon. They can easily be removed and only keep the phone number of the user (and the users they met with), without any other data, with very minor modifications. Since it uses Firebase, it has end-to-end encryption.

How it works

After you sign in, you get an OTP token generated using Firebase Phone Auth (currently the phone number is hardcoded for Romanian prefixes, but this is easily changeable). After you login, the application starts a background service that constantly publishes and receives the Firestore Database UIDs, by using the Nearby Messages API from Google. When two devices are in close proximity (approximately 4-5m for Bluetooth + Sonar, didn't test max distance since I can't go any further than my own home due to social distancing), their meetup is registered in Firestore. From the picker in the logged in screen, you can choose your current health status and press the button. This updates your health status in the database. Using Firestore Cloud Messages, there is a JavaScript function that triggers when this update happens and sends a push notification to the users that you have interacted with.

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