Weighing the challenge between public and economic health is the driving reason that organizations, States and Federal teams need to establish a data driven approach to managing what will be an 18 month challenge.

What it does

Establishing a COVID Wave Command Center is at the heart of reacting, responding and managing policy until the point where medical science has delivered either a cure or a vaccine.  Leveraging the attention and focus within the first wave to ensure a broad role out of citizen centric elements and a clear link between data, policy and execution.  Areas that do this successfully will help to mitigate the risk of a second bloom occurring within Wave 1 and will better manage the economic and societal impact of future waves.  By becoming data driven in policy and execution there can be a transition away from blanket orders and lockdown to adaptive Smart Quarantine solutions which successfully manage the risk to citizens and more accurately target restrictive measures to where they are needed.

How I built it

We need to innovate with the solution for the government and the citizens, but we don't have time to build it from ground up. We used existing cloud based platform with SOC2 certification, GDPR compliant to build use cases for the government to manage the release of the lockdown and estimate economic & healthcare consequences.

Challenges I ran into

Data privacy concerns; Data sources

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Basic version of this solution took 2nd prize in @hackthecrisis in the Netherlands, now we want to build more
  2. We are able to build a platform for collaboration between the government and the citizens: trusted, privacy-preserved, GDPR & HIPAA complaint ## What I learned From our pre-sales calls, we saw that people from the government were more than willing to accept help and support from us and our solution. They are amazingly fast with decision making right now, especially healthcare experts that deal with the pandemic in the states. They just need our help with the data tools & processes, and get confidence in privacy of the data in use. ## What's next for COVID Wave Command Center  Deployment in multiple states and countries


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