Covid19 Assistant was inspired by the outbreak of the pandemic that has seen over 33,000 people lose their lives and over 700,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. In addition, the pandemic has interrupted global supply chain, increased unemployment levels around the world and created a looming food crisis.

What it does

Covid19 Assistant analysis, predicts and tracks coronavirus infection cases by regions to help health agencies control the pandemic. Covid19 Assistant also provides support to the public by providing information on the outbreak using a chatbot.

How we built it

Covid19 Assistant was build using Java, Vue, Python, TensorFlow, Keras and IBM Watson Assistant. TensorFlow and Keras are being used to create Recurrent Neural Network to find correlation between data and make Time Series forecasting. IBM Watson Assistant is being used to create Chatbot to provide support to the public on Covid-19 inquiries.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge encountered during development and implementation of the project is lack of resources:

  • GPU optimized servers
  • Financial resource to employ more developers and support staff to work on the project ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Development and implementation of Covid19 Assistant
  • Development of a platform to track missing persons
  • Development of a whistleblowers platform
  • Development of a platform to recognize accidents in video / CCTV footage ## What we learned
  • Covid-19 outbreak situation
  • Covid-19 symptoms and prevention
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Epidemiology Tools ## What's next for Covid19 Assistant
  • Updating the system with live data
  • Working with health agencies and organizations around the world to assist in controlling the Covid-19 outbreak and future pandemics.

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ibm-watson, java, keras, python, tensorflow, vue

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