Inspiration- Manual Contact Tracing is usually taking lot of time and is a laborious task for health officials.To aid people by developing an app & healthcare officials by providing them a web appln for online contact tracing.

What it does

The Mobile application collects data from users and when a person turns positive ,by tracking Gps data of past weeks all his contacts will be alerted.

How I built it

Using my team of 8 who were specialized in Mobile /Web app coding & UX/UI Design.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to do a simple prototype iand making it operational with the support of team members n short span of time

What I learned

What's next for Covid19 e-Tracking Alerting/e-token & pass_Mobile-Web Appln

  • To provide permanent e-tokens/family through this app and Making it mandatory to use in all grocery shops.This helps govt to track the quantity of items purchased per e token therby preventing hoarding.This also enables price to be kept in control.
  • To provide online e-pass for Vehicles through this app




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