Inspiration: I had inspired from the corona interactive dashboard by JHU

What it does: It shows not only the numbers, but also the impact and statistics of the COVID19 cases in a customized manner

How I built it: Using the Time-series datasets from CSSEGISandData, using Angular 9, HTML, CSS, JS

Challenges I ran into : I had many challenges, I thought of even making the impact of bold social distancing bold on the countries, but I couldn't find the proper datasets for that. As per my predictions, it reduced the risk of spreading by nearly 90 percent. Due to time constraint, I couldn't complete this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Website is up and running and **bold recovery data which was stopped by official datasets, I still managed to get that data too from "Worldo Meters" website.

What I learned: Proper planning is needed and teamwork makes life easier than working alone.

What's next for COVID19- Live tracker: I will add the Impact of social distancing as well, which will be a solution for reducing the upcoming case figures.

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angular.js, covid, css3, html5, javascript, typescript

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