Looking at  COVID19 pandemic reach in India and offer this App as handy to our heroes fighting battle in field and also support Quarantine warriors indeed helping in avoiding spread of the disease.

Overall No effective platform to -Increase efficiency of various Government Agencies and Resources involved in fighting COVID-19 pandemic

  • Find How safe I am from Covid-19 Pandemic at particular location
  • Take care of basic needs, health monitoring  and tracking  of the quarantined persons
  • Motivate and build awareness within the community to avoid social stigma

What it does

Phone based Platform allows /notifies

  • Agencies to register  Suspected Asymptomatic person  and mark as to Home quarantine
  • Each home Quarantined person  Home Geo locations tagged and Geo Fence created.
  • To Monitor Quarantined person not to go out of the Fence. In case violation reports Agency and also gathers Person  new  Geo locations for Tracing.
  • To Alarm the Person for Reporting. Timings are decide by the the System not by the User or Agencies .With this  enforces user to be in defined Zone
  • Reporting uses Face ID  with Liveness detection with no lapse in person Reporting authenticity
  • Reports health/SoS/violations to right agencies.
  • Person on Violations

How we built it

There is urgency to  scale the effective solution in shortest time with lowest  cost  to reach the mass, break the chain and save the lives. With our platform, we can achieve safety for common people with daily tech usage.

What's next for COVID19- Home Quarantine Management System

  • Find How safe I am from COVID-19 Pandemic at particular location
  • Collect Locations of Non compliant Quarantined Person periodically for Tracing and Suspects
  • Show on Map  -  Agencies  can reach out Quarantined person  for Emergencies /SoS
  • Graphs as Info feeder to Decision making Authorities /Agencies



adroid, faceidentity, geofencing, notifications, restapis, server, sql

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