Being a software developer in the Health industry has allowed me to interact with a number of medical practitioners/consultants. As soon as the issue of Covid19 started catching headlines a few medics were wondering how they will be able to see their patients(those with pre-existing conditions) without necessarily having them visit the clinic. This prompted me to share the idea with my team about a solution we can use to screen for covid19 and also give the opportunity for the person to consult a doctor live over a video call. The same solutions will be provided to the county governments to allow for further checks on people who meet covid19 case definition over video.

What it does

The Self Check app allows a person to submit location information and fill in a form with covid19 questions. Depending on the risk level the patient is advised appropriately on what to do. Furthermore, if the patient is a high risk, the system sets up a video call to allow for further information collection by a qualified medic

How we built it

We built the solution using reactjs, webrtc for video calls, google maps api and firebase as our database.

Challenges we ran into

We had to eliminate authentication and this means we aren't able to collect sensitive information that can be used to follow up on the patients who turn positive. The system currently doesn't store any biodata.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Currently, we are able to facilitate calls between two parties anonymously

What we learned

What's next for Covid19 Self Check

We are looking to partner with the Ministry of Health to allow the app to be amongst the approved applications for self-screening then add analytics dashboard and a contact tracing feature.

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firebase,, react, webrtc

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