Inspiration - the act of people coming together to resolve the hostility of the COVID19 virus. Like minds are a good company & magnetize inspiration from each other

What it does - the potential solution that I have proposed has seen breakthroughs previously with clients having mental, emotional & physical issues. We heal people on a deeper, subconscious mind level. We treat a person on a mind, body, soul level whereas conventional medical science treats issues on a body level only. This at times can complicate things due to the interference of substances (vaccines, pills, syrups) or prolonged side-effects post-treatment. We are not allowed to give 100% guarantees but I can tell you of my own personal & professional experience that hypnotherapy works. Though the current band-aid approach may also be the need of the hour. We need to hurry before we lose more people out there

How I built it - I have been practicing Past-Life-Regression & Hypnotherapy since 2017 in Mumbai (India).

Challenges I ran into - Our field isn't getting the much-needed focus it requires from the Govt. There also needs to be a mindset shift in our country towards such techniques. An openness to believe in our inner resource as compared to external

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I'm proud of myself to have found regression & hypnotherapy as a way of healing my clients. Sometimes the right information doesn't get to you & when it does there is a sense of accomplishment in it

What I learned - there is still so much to learn from the brilliant minds out there in this hackathon & in the world in general

What's next for COVID19 Solution Global – Powers of the Subconscious Mind - we take in a few cases, we heal, we report our findings & we smoothly roll-it out in other cities in India & overseas



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