I wanted to bring my skills to help the medical community to face today's daunting challenges. This crisis needed something fast, efficient and reliable, based on science.

What it does

Covid19-tracking is a production-ready web application supporting frontline health workers and first-aiders, to massively disseminate the guidelines, and allow early detection and reliable gradation by local professionals.

How I built it

I built the first version (based on the Lancet publication) in a weekend, thanks to the no-code technology. I worked very hard, day and night, without sleeping or even eating. And when the app finally came out, it was instantly used by local emergency professionals! That made me realize that it was worth it.

Challenges I ran into

Transforming the latest scientific publications into an effective decision support algorithm on the frontliner's smartphone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having produced a practical, useful and free tool to help health professionals deal with this crisis.

What I learned

How much the no-code can be efficient for such situations.

What's next for covid19-tracking

Now that the application works and has proven its usefulness in France, I hope that it can be used anywhere in the world wherever healthcare professionals need it.

Contributors from

Dan Grünstein, Laurent Schmoll MD, Thomas Bibard, Ying Wang, Ali Kenan


Thomas Litt, Jonathan Lotz, Frédéric Tryniszewski MD, Pascal Michot MD, Mark Probst & David Siegel (from, Cédric Costa, my wife and the whole TokTokDoc team

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