To control the spread of covid-19 government around the world implemented sudden lockdown many people unaware of such move got stuck and are struggling to return to their home. Thus we thought of building a platform from where they can get help from the authorities and can safely come back.

What it does-

It is basically a platform where people who are stuck will share the required information which is needed to evacuate them from the place they are stuck into.

How we built it-

We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript as forntend of our webpage. For handling data we used relational DBMS, mySQL(localhost for demo). The data in the database is displayed on another webpage along with the other submissions. For server side rendering we used Node.js and it's framework express.

Challenges we ran into-

To make our web page accessible to poor where most of them doesn't have an access to a mobile with good internet was a challenging task. Thus in order to reach them we will add a global helpline number where a customer care executive will pick call and will help them enter required.

What we learned-

The most important thing we learned is the art of effective teamwork and productive brainstorming. Also from the tech point of you we implemented node.js for the very first time which was also a great experience and thus we learned a lot and we'll keep on learning further.

What's next for Covid'19 Transporter-

Our primary aim will be the expansion of our web application across many levels first from local to national and then global. After its success apart from transportation we can add daily need services as well as when the pandemic will end we can focus on people stuck due to war and other calamities .

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css3, express.js, html5, javascript, mysql, node.js

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