Title of the Idea sub:COVID-19: Be Safe, Support, Report

The Problem:Our main problem is to identify COVID-19 infected patient and patient could not get daily groceries need. If someone roaming around, we don’t have idea patient is around us so that we can keep distance. Future will be more difficult. Also other thing is if we found such incident we should easily report it. Now a day, I could not able to see infected people around or quarantine houses by the technology. We should help those patient who need something, we should be aware about safer areas around and danger areas, we should also report through the app for such social cases.

The Possible Solution:We think we cannot handle situation but we can improve our future and make future safer by supporting our people around us. Our presence of mind will be significant. In our solution we are focusing on Be Safe, Support and Report. These are out three main roles for different users.

  1. Be Safe: This is for our local people who are interested on self-care and wanted to be safe from COVID-19 patients. Our application will guide people to locate nearby isolated quarantined houses and infected people restricted area. This data we can get by hospitals and government authorities. Even if we get location from patient mobile/cellphone we can show if there is any infected person roaming around us. So taking a look at just our app we can identify and show people to be safe from such a places and persons.
  2. Support: This are for two people who are willing to support and other is infected patient who don’t wanted to left his house during self-isolation. If infected person raise request to some groceries with list, we can show It with support sign and nearby person can help them to provide groceries and confirm via chat. Supported can be a city police or any person from nearby area or Kirana store owner who just drop parcel to their home and may be transaction made from paytm or any online mode. Also NGO can take step to these helpless infected people.
  3. Report: This is actively best part of application where any user can report such incident if nearby infected person is roaming around. If I knew person or quarantine home nearby me, I can report it from our application and report goes to police department where active person assigned to use this app and issues. So by help police we can stop the such virus spread in our society. Other thing is if we can location on map we can defined some fixed radius if any infected person goes outside from that radius, report will be automatically send to police to avoid more danger. Location can be identified by mobile/cellphone and use it.
  4. Other: Admin user who can log infected patient and highly quarantined areas data to system



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