Because of covid, people all around the world are increasingly being under curfew or encouraged to stay at home, many are cut-off from social engagement. Many are cut-off from social engagement, and are increasingly becoming frustrated or irritated due to the constraints or repercussions of the situation, e.g., health concerns, economy recession. With more available time, people are taking to digital channels to fill their social gap.

What it does

Digitally-enabled, community-driven campaign that engages users across the world in a spirit of encouragement through social media platforms and a microsite. Anyone with a digital-enabled device can take part in the movement (at work, at play, and more popular recently, at home). Solution is glocal - deployable globally or localized/contextualized. An alternative digital pre-evangelism/evangelism platform via social media messaging channels. Focuses on macro and micro engagement:


  • Participants can post, repost, tweet, etc. using #covidantibody on their preferred social media channel (currently integrated with Instagram)
  • Netizens can see the (viral) responsiveness of the community-driven campaign via the interactive map and Leaderboard (WIP) on the microsite
  • Interactive map and social media aggregator on the microsite also shows the number of posts per country, popular/latest posts etc.
  • Rather than just just employing marketing campaign, we want to activate Christians globally to post, thus creating a lot of reach (viral) to pre-believers


  • Netizens can connect with Online Responders via personal messaging through direct integration with social messaging apps, and the potential for a gospel presentation.

How I built it

Through grit and grace. Teamwork, nuff said.

Challenges I ran into

  • Complex API dependencies and rate limits with Facebook Graph API, which we have an idea for a workaround (see what's next below)
  • Working remotely with the team and across varying schedules

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • Agility to develop a workable solution that can be deployed within a short time to serve the community
  • Missions can take many forms, especially digitally!
  • Working remotely with Zoom quite a bit...

What's next for #covidantibody

  • We plan to roll out a MVP for a country to validate the viral impact
  • Extend the integration with popular social media and messaging platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook)
  • Enhance the gamification of the posts/tweets, including geotagging
  • Create a cloud function to extract the queries to a central database - this is to overcome the technical limitations of Facebook Graph API rate limits
  • Mobilize the church to become Online Responders
  • Decouple and create microservices for reusability and scaling for the global Church use

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facebook-graph, firebase, google-maps, html/css, instagram, javascript, jquery

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