How I built it We bild 3 channels around potential solution - website to share indormation about all potential help options. Chatbot in telegram used widely in our country as alternative to websote communication channel. Тhe bot will help you quickly find a solution to the problem, taking into account the region in which the person is. And platform for healthcare representatives to share their immediate need and crowdfund solution back. We use for website, Python for chatbot and custom PHP + JS + Frone-End developemnt for requests platform

Challenges I ran into the main challenge during this project was people work as on backend of our communication channels we have a lot of real people - volunteers from Red Cross, volunteers from Ministry of Labor, Crowdfunding platforms to validate requests from healthcare organizations and a lot of medias to share right content around visur, WFH, etc we combined together

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The project idea was supported by Dmitry Gursky (Flo Health) at the online hackathon March 20-25, 2020 from Bel.Biz. In addition, we agreed on cooperation with the Belarusian Red Cross Society and the Names assistance platform

What I learned Probably best learning from our start so far is that you always can rely on people and good people always will help to bring your idea to life. This product developed by volunteers for volunteers and it moves him forward.

What's next for We need to compete all our 3 channels mentioned before and scale this solution with help of UN and Ministry of Health in Belarus and also in other countries. Our project will connect those who need help with those who can really help, in different situations, not only with covid-19

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