Corona Buddy



Meditation and breathing sites are nothing new, however sometimes finding your zen needs something more than just an aloof animated circle to guide your spirits. An event like this requires something more personal to ease tensions and anxiety.

What it does

With a friendly avatar and inspiring messages to ease tensions, COVIDcalm offers automated one minute breathing sessions to help people stay calm. This product is targeted towards people dealing with the pandemic using meaningful quotations, offering a more personal experience.

How we built it

Using HTML (with bootstrap), CSS, and Javascript, we developed a website while collaborating remotely.

Challenges we ran into

Scripting proved to be the most challenging part of the project. Controlling the timing of the session was difficult with javascript, and controlling the DOM and animations with JS was quite a task!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The coronavirus instructor is rather unique, made with pure HTML and CSS. We stretched the capabilities of front-end development to create a life-like and animated character that can bring calm to people.

What we learned

We discovered the importance of user interaction in order to create experiences that have a true meaning and impact. Being the first hackathon for both of us, we enjoyed collaborating virtually and solving real-world issues through careful coding and design.

What's next for COVIDcalm

We are hoping to see how people can take advantage of COVIDcalm for personal use and healthcare services. Expanding capabilities to include more positive messages as well as allowing others to place their own inspiring quotes is a priority for the future.

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bootstrap, css, html, javascript

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