Covid-19 anxiety everywhere. Infected? Infecting others? Tests are hard to find, complex to use. Full of jargon.

What it does

Our application will be promoted to everyone. On all social media. It will be free. Simple to use. Easy to understand. With relevant & actionable advice.

How we built it

We're building a progressive webapp (PWA) on top of a self-learning AI risk model that is validated by medical experts.

Challenges we ran into

One of our developers has suddenly fallen sick. We hope it's not covid-19 (I kidd you not) All done on pro bono basis Working 100% remote, we never met in person since the start

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Won the #HackTheCrisis hackathon in Belgium Developed a fully functional v0.9 application in <10 days 68% of our 254 test users were extremely interested Reached >15K people on LinkedIn, with 1.500 loyal followers Received support from several medical experts

What we learned

A good cause is a fantastic driver Not easy to plan work with everyone remote and pro bono Many technical issues during video calls

What's next for COVIDCARE

Ship v0.9 as soon as possible Continue fine-tuning & validation with medical experts Conduct further field testing with panel of 1000 users Setup funding/sponsoring campaigns towards government & industry Launch of fundraising campaign on GoFundMe Setup & test growth hacking campaigns on social media



ai, angular.js, api, ionic, pwa

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