With many rumors floating around about the virus, our web application hopes to inform society and bring aid to those who are suffering and display an analysis of the virus's impacts.

What it does

This web app has three different apps, the first one is called "Am I Safe?", it tracks your location and other user locations to get an idea of what areas are crowded so you can avoid them do put social distancing into practice, the second one is called "Help Me!" is for creating comment threads where people can connect with others to help people with whatever they need, or just to talk about random stuff, and our third app is an app to get all the information you need about COVID-19 by display graphs of cases over time given a country name along with the current global number of cases, deaths, and recoveries. Our third app is the largest as it also has a feature for viewing the latest YouTube video related to coronavirus news by doing a search query and then embedding it, its last feature is one for displaying a short description of news articles from many different sources from different countries related to the coronavirus.

How we built it

We started out by coming up with different ideas and testing out different API's to get an idea of what to do. Once we had ideas, we got a website template so we could begin focusing on the functionality. We individually worked on the apps. We constantly updated each other on progress and towards the end, we both refined it and worked on the front-end part.

Challenges we ran into

Some APIs have a much steeper learning curve than others. For example, MongoDB Atlas is quite simple to use, but it took a very long time to figure out how to reference a document (database entry) based on its unique id. Another difficult part was using HTTP requests in Javascript. It took quite a while to figure out how to not run something until the response was received.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the elements we are most proud of is one of the apps called "What's Going On?". We were able to collaborate very well together on this app as we did not entirely work on it separately and we were able to get many useful features into it.

What we learned

We both learned how to collaborate with each other even though we didn't see each other a single time throughout the duration of this project, we learned even more about using the Material Design Bootstrap framework, and we learned how to use different Javascript APIs such as MongoDB Atlas, News API, and the COVID-19 API. One of the most rewarding parts was learning how to solve problems. As in every project, there are problems to solve but with every problem, critical thinking skills improve.

What's next for COVIDCentral

We hope to gain many users as gaining users could directly help end the Coronavirus sooner. An example of this would be our user tracker. If more people make their location visible, the more accurate our people congestion map will be, therefore making it more effective. We already have plans for improving the app itself such as adding login features, adding geofences to our tracking app, and display more COVID-19 data in addition to the country and global data we already provide.

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